Results-season 2009


The best time predictors for the 2009 season (the top 5 predictors are recognized from their 10 best run predictions where the delta time totals added up to the lowest amount in seconds as compared with all the other Club members utilizing the same format. Delta time being the difference in seconds between the participant's stated predicted time for a run and the actual recorded time for that run. The winners are awarded pottery from the nearby Santa Clara Pueblo):

  1. Ted Romero-236 seconds off
  2. Michael Jablin-352 seconds off
  3. David Kratzer-420 seconds off
  4. Tom Sandford-470 seconds off
  5. Roy Cope-490 seconds off

The annual Turkey Trot was held at the Los Alamos Middle School on Sunday, November 22nd, 2009.

210 runners/walkers participated with all donations going to the CROP and LA Cares charity organizations. An enjoyable time was had by all.

submitted by Ted Williams



Michael Jablin was the winner in both categories of best predictor at 8 seconds off and fastest runner at 9:08 on the 1.5 mile Cooper's Run around the Sandia/Trinity/ Diamond loop for the final weekly pace race of the season. Ted Romero and Tom Sandford were 40 seconds off their predicated times and were also in 2nd (10:16) and 3rd (15:40) respectively. Karen Thorn was the fastest female at 17:40.

See you next season (April/2010).

Everyone is welcome to participate in the annual Turkey Trot event which will be held at the Middle School on Sunday, November 22nd at 2:00 PM. The best predictors who run/walk on the 2.57 mile course will win turkeys and pumpkin pies. All donations will go to the CROP and LA Cares charity organizations. Look for more specifics in the Los Alamos MONITOR in the upcoming weeks or call 662-5959 or 672-1639.

submitted by race directors Joan and Ted Williams


Eighteen runners and walkers took on the Quemazon climb Tuesday night, starting at the Decadent Table and running up Quemazon road.

Bob Westervelt made the best prediction of the night, missing his one-mile prediction by just 1 second for an adjusted delta of 3 seconds. Ted Romero and Inez Ross were the next best predictors with an adjusted error of 39 seconds. Ted was the first finisher on the one-mile run. Stan Kosiewicz returned to the competition with a respectful 57 seconds off his prediction.

Jamie and Michael Jablin were the first finishers on the 2.87 mile course that climbed up Quemazon Road, headed off on the perimeter trail and came back down pipeline road. They were the best predictors on the long course, even though they were off their predictions by 164 and 165 seconds respectively.

All finishers were rewarded with a key lime cheese cake treat.

Next weeks Pace Race will be the year-end 1.5 mile Coopers Run. Meet at Sullivan Field parking lot at 6:00pm. For more information call 672-1639 or check out the website:

Full race results:

1-mile course

Name, time, error

  1. Ted Romero, 7:23, 39
  2. Marin Kelly, 13:14, 222
  3. Christie Kelly, 13:16, 213
  4. Stan Kosiewicz, 13:41, 57
  5. Bob Westervelt, 14:13, 3
  6. Amy Anderson, 14:17, 129
  7. Anya Gonzales, 14:33, 366
  8. Jackie Marr, 15:29, 177
  9. Duane Marr, 16:32, 222
  10. Bob Weeks, 13:30, 162
  11. Joan Williams, 19:12, 207
  12. Jennifer Reglien, 19:35, 69
  13. Inez Ross, 19:47, 39

3-mile course

  1. Jamie Jablin, 23:44, 164
  2. Michael Jablin, 23:45, 165
  3. Tom Standford, 34:05, 195
  4. Karen Thorn, 42:54, 442
  5. Ted Williams, 44:17, 297
Submitted by race director David Kratzer


Ted Romero and Jackie Marr were not only the fastest runners in this week�s pace race but also the best predictors.

The races were held in cool weather on roads in Pajarito Acres.

Ted�s time of 6:31 for the 1 mile course was only 5 seconds off. Jackie�s time of 15:35 was 7 seconds off her prediction.

For the 2.8 mile course, the fastest female and male runners were Michael Jablin (18:11) and Laura McClellan (21:59). The best predictors were Tom Sandford (22 seconds), Laura McClellan (46 s), and Karen Thorn (46 s).

Next Tuesday's Pace Race will start at the corner of Brisa de Bosque and Quemazon Road (near the Quemazon playschool). For information, call 662-2726.

Complete Results (delta in seconds):

1 mile:

    Ted Romero (5) Jackie Marr (7) Duane Marr (38) Nancy Cope (106)

2.8 miles:

    Tom Sandford (22) Laura McClellan (46) Karen Thorn, (46) David Gartz (88) Aaron Goldman (88) Roy Cope (98) Ted Williams (125) David Kratzer (201) Michael Jablin (229)
Race Director: Robert Reedy


All season long twin brothers Michael and Jamie Jablin had paced each other while dominating the Atomic City Roadrunner pace races, taking turns as the fastest runners every week.

It turns out that Michael a Post-Doc at LANL didn't need James who returned to graduate studies at Brown University for competition as he won in 23:20 on a tough hill climb in Tuesday night's Pace Race. He was also second best predictor on the 3 mile course missing by only 20 seconds. David Kratzer was even better with a 10 second difference.

Meanwhile Joan Williams was only an adjusted 39 seconds off her predicted time to take top honors in the 1 mile, that featured speedster Ted Romero as the fastest finisher in 7:24. Ted is recovering from a back injury that had sidelined him for 3 weeks.

Next Tuesday's run will be held at 6:00 PM on Acoma Lane in Pajarito Acres. To get there take Monte Rey Dr. South off State Route 4 then turn right on Potrillo to Acoma. For more information call 672-9519.

Here are Sept. 15th results with differences between predicted and actual times in parentheses:


    Ted Romero 7:24(90); Jackie Marr 15:05(309); Duane Marr 15:29(228); Inez Ross 15:30(150); Joan Williams 19:22(39)


    Michael Jablin 23:20(20); David Kratzer28:50(10); John Ullmann 34:46(110); Bob Reedy 35:23(127); Tom Sandford 35:44(119); Cuihan Wang 36:11(147); Ted Williams 41:46(44); Karen Thorn 42:25(35)
Submitted by: Aaron Goldman


Duane Marr didn�t let threatening weather keep him from having the best prediction of 4 seconds off his actual time for the 1 mile course at Tuesday�s weekly pace race.

On the 1-mile course, the fastest were Cuihuan Wang (11:13) and Roy Cope (12:49). The best predictors were Duane Marr (4 seconds off), Jennifer Reglien (29), Roy Cope (37), and Jackie Marr (42).

For the 3-mile course, the fastest runners were Karen Thorn (42:01) and Aaron Goldman (54:05). The best predictor was Karen Thorn (359 seconds off).

Next Tuesday�s Pace Race will start at the skating rink and run up West Road (including the new by-pass road) towards the Ski Hill turn-off. For information, call 662-5959.

Complete Results (delta in seconds, or a * if more than 2 minutes off for 1 mile or 6 minutes for the 3 mile)

1 mile:

    Duane Marr (4) Jennifer Reglien (29) Roy Cope (37) Jackie Marr (42) Cuihuan Wang (63) Ted Williams (*) Nancy Cope (*)

3 miles:

    Karen Thorn, (359) Aaron Goldman (*)
submitted by race director Robert Reedy


Results of Rendija/Bayo Canyon Lollipop Run - Sanford outguesses all!!

This weeks pace race ran into Rendija toward the Sportman's Club and ran up/over to Barranca to then enter Bayo Canyon to make a Lollipop Loop run for all runners.

All finishers got lollipops.

Tom Sanford outguesses all, by having only a 2 sec error on his prediction on the ardous 3 mile run. Karen Thorn, same 3 mile run, has only a 19 sec error.

On the 1 mile run, Inez Ross, is the best predictor with adjusted error of 30 secs.

David Kratzer was lst on the 3 mile run with a time of 29:09 and Cuihman Wang was lst woman with the time of 34:04.

On the 1 mile, Ted Romero was lst with 6:51 and Elizabeth Watson, lst female, with 9:19.

Next weeks pace race: off Monte Rey S/Potrillo Dr on Estante Way in White Rock. Call 672-9519 if need more info.

Race Directors: Duane and Jackie Marr



Duane Marr predicted he would run the 1 mile race in 16 minutes and proceeded to record that as a finishing time for a perfect prediction in this week's pace race held at Pinion Park in White Rock. He was followed by Georgia Pedicini at 9 seconds off, David Kratzer recorded a 33 second differential with Inez Ross right behind at 36 seconds followed by Jackie Marr at 39 seconds.

Ted Romero was the fastest runner on the 1 mile course with a time of 5:57 followed by the fastest female Georgia Pedicini at 12:49. In the 3 mile run the Jablin twins Michael and Jamie were first at 19:48 and 19:49 respectively.The fastest woman was Karen Thorn at 32:09.

Next week's race will held on Tuesday at 6:00 PM on Barranca Mesa by the junction of San Ildefonso Road and Barranca Road at the Play lot. For more information call 672-1639.


1 mile

  1. Ted Romero 5:57
  2. Georgia Pedicini 12:49
  3. Inez Ross 14:48
  4. Jackie Marr 15:25
  5. Duane Marr 16:00
  6. Jackie Peckham 21:06
  7. Nancy Cope 25:23

3 mile

  1. Michael Jablin 19:48
  2. Jamie Jablin 19:49
  3. David Kratzer 25:27
  4. Tom Sandford 29:49
  5. Karen Thorn 32:09
  6. Roy Cope 32:59
submitted by race directors Joan and Ted Williams


Marr best at Tuesday's pace race.

Duane Marr bested 14 other runners with an adjusted error of just under 10 seconds for his prediction on the one mile course at Tuesday night's pace race in the Quemazon and Pipeline Road area. The two next best predictors were Ted Romero with a 54 second error, and Gil Butler with a 59 second error.

The difficulty of the course did not deter 10 of the runners from tackling the 3.2 mile course going up and down the Pipeline Road. On the long course, top finisher was James Jablin (28:20) followed in less than a second by brother Michael Jablin. Cuihuan Wang was the fastest woman on the long course with a time of 43:24. For the short course, fastest was Jackie Marr, 16:30, followed by Duane Marr, 17:11.

Next week's race will be the Watermelon pace race, starting and finishing at Pinon Park (Rocket Park) in White Rock on Rover Boulevard. For more information, call 672-1639.

Race results

  1. Jackie Marr 16:30 (70 sec. error)
  2. Duane Marr 17:11 (9.6)
  3. Jennifer Reglien 19:47 (115)
  4. Joan Williams 20:59 (179)
  5. Jackie Peckham 26:21 (1219)
  6. James Jablin 28:20 (275)
  7. Michael Jablin 26:21 (261)
  8. Ted Romero 28:34 (54)
  9. Vlad Henzl 36:06 (144)
  10. John Ullman 42:54 (174)
  11. Cuihuan Wang 43:24 (84)
  12. Gil Butler 44:44 (59)
  13. Roy Cope 45:29 (89)
  14. Ted Williams 55:03 (393)
  15. Karen Thorn 55:31 (268)
submitted by race directors Ruth Demuth and Tom Sandford with support from Bob Weeks


Fifteen participants braved the traffic to make their way to North Mesa for Tuesday's pace race.

Nathan Romero was fastest male on the one mile course with a time of 6:27. Lauren Bucklin was fastest female finisher on the mile course with a time of 14:01. Ted Romero finished the three mile course in 21:30, and Laura McClellan was right on his heels for fastest female on the three mile course with a time of 22:44.

Tom Sandford had the closest prediction, coming in only 11 seconds off his predicted time.

Next Tuesday's pace race will be the annual Quemazon Gut Buster 1 and 3 mile runs, starting at at 6:00 PM at Quemazon Montessori School, located at 4600 Esperanza at the corner of Quemazon Road off North Road. For more information call 662-4107.

submitted by race directors Anaya Gonzales and Bob Westervelt


It was hot and dry event for the 31 runners at Tuesday night's Atomic City Road Runner's Pace Race.

Race started at the Guaje Pines Cemetary and had a perfect prediction with Tomasz Klimczuk's one mile short course run at 8:08.

Long course runners held the next two spots in predictions, Ted Romero's three mile run was off 14 seconds and was A.J. Markela's missed his prediction by 54 seconds.

Fastest male runners on the short course were Dan Romero (7:08), Tomasz Klimczuk (8:08), and Ben Rees (9:24). Fastest females on the one miler were Cuihuan Wang (10:40), Rachel Wallstrom (10:47), and Lauren Bucklin (13:09).

Three mile long course winners were Michael Jablin (24:24), who was neck in neck with his brother, Jamie Jablin (24:25), followed by Dean Rees (24:55). Only two women attempted this up and down course, Karen Thorn (49:49) and Margaret Ellis (55:28).

Next Tuesday's run (Aug 11th) will start at 6pm in front of the Los Alamos Middle School. For more information call 672-1639.


M/F Course Pred Actual Delta Adjusted Name

  1. m s 8:07 7:08 -59 177 D. Romero
  2. m s 8:08 8:08 0 0 T. Klimczuk
  3. m s 8:37 9:24 47 141 B. Rees
  4. m s 8:30 10:00 90 270 P. Tobash
  5. m s 13:15 10:32 -163 489 T. Sandford
  6. f s 10:10 10:40 30 90 C. Wang
  7. f s 11:30 10:47 -43 129 R. Wallstrom
  8. m s 12:00 10:55 -65 195 E. Park
  9. m s 20:00 12:23 -457 1371 C. Keilers
  10. f s 15:02 13:09 -113 339 L. Bucklin
  11. f s 15:00 13:55 -65 195 H. Lee
  12. f s 60:00 15:57 -2643 7929 C. Keilers
  13. m s 17:41 16:18 -83 249 D. Marr
  14. f s 18:18 17:17 -61 183 J. Marr
  15. f s 17:20 19:27 127 381 J. Reglien
  16. f s 19:49 20:51 62 186 J. Williams
  17. m l 25:30 24:24 -66 66 M. Jablin
  18. m l 25:45 24:25 -80 80 J. Jablin
  19. m l 21:30 24:55 205 205 D. Rees
  20. m s 21:00 27:01 361 1083 T. Makela
  21. m s 20:00 27:02 422 1266 M. Makela
  22. m l 27:10 27:24 14 14 T. Romero
  23. m l 26:10 28:36 146 146 A. Romero
  24. f s 27:00 30:32 212 636 J. Peckham
  25. m l 29:00 31:36 156 156 D. Kratzer
  26. m l 33:00 41:45 525 525 J. Ullmann
  27. m l 45:00 44:06 -54 54 A. Markela
  28. m l 44:20 46:34 134 134 T. Williams
  29. m l 46:32 48:33 121 121 D. Opsahl
  30. f l 55:20 49:49 -331 331 K. Thorn
  31. f l 51:01 55:28 267 267 M. Ellis
submitted by race directors Majorie and Chuck Keilers


Roy Cope Captures Best Prediction With 2 Second Miss

Atomic City Road Runner Roy Cope ran the course at American Springs 2 seconds off his predicted time of 44 minutes. Following Roy were Alejandro Romero, Michael Jablin, Gil Butler and Aaron Goldman with only 3, 5,7,and 12 seconds off their predicted times respectively.

Order of Actual Race Times were as follows :5K: Jamie Jablin 21:55; Michael Jablin 21.56; Thomas Klimczuk 25.57; Tom Sandford 32:20; Chuck Keilers 32:48; Cuihuan Wang 33:25; Gil Butler 34:33; Aaron Goldman 40:42; Karen Thorn 36.43; Roy Cope 44:02; Ted Williams 45.23. 1 Mile: Alejandro Romero 6:29; Daniel Romero 7:06; Nathan Romero 7:18; Lauren Bucklin 12:36; Inez Ross 16:01; Joan Williams 22:16; Jackie Peckham 27:05; Nancy Cope 29:04; Helen Cake 31:30.

Next Tuesday's run (Aug 4) will be start at 6pm. at the entrance to Guaje Pines Cemetery on Range Road which is off Diamond Dr. near the Golf Course. For more information call 672-1639.

submitted by race directors: J. Reglien and B. Weeks


The rain foreboding clouds did not deter 34 participants in the annual 15 minute and one-hour runs sponsored by the Atomic City Roadrunners in a departure from the usual Pace Race.

The 55 degree weather turned out to be perfect for the 15 minute run and all but 5 minutes of the hour run before the rain started.

In the 15 minute male version the three Romero youngsters took full command with Alexander in first place going 2.46 miles, with Nathan and Daniel trailing with 2.31 and 2.01 respectively. Tom Sandford was best predictor, missing by only .010 of a mile, barely nosing out Eunsung Park who was off by 011. Pam Erickson took the female honors traveling 1.75 miles with Cuihuan Wang finishing second and Anya Gonzales third. Hanah Lee scored the best prediction of the night, off by .0019 of a mile, easily besting runner-up Georgia Pedficini who had a difference of only .013 miles.

In the concurrent one hour race, Michael and James Jablin kept exchanging leads throughout the ordeal and race officials declared it a tie in the male division at 8.99 miles. Ted Romero finished third with 8.20. Laura Mclellan went an outstanding 7.67 miles to win the women's race.Dee Cruz Murphy (5.47) and Rory Cooley(4.98) were runner-ups.

The rain soaked numbers prevented a recapitulation for best predictors.

Next week's run will be held at American Springs Road, about 1.5 miles west of the turnoff to Jemez Springs. Call 672-1639 or 662-4436 for further information.

Here are the results given in miles completed.


Males: 1. James Jablin 8.99; 1.(tie) Michael Jablin 8.99; 3 Ted Romero 8.20; 4. Ted Williams 4.56; 5. Aaron Goldman 1.24.

Females: 1. Laura Mclellan 7.67; 2. Dee Cruz Murphy 5.49; 3. Rory Cooley 4.98; 4. Diane Vaughan 4.47; 4.(tie) Margaret Ellis 4.47.


Males: 1.Alexander Romero 2.46; 2.Nathan Romero 2.31; 3.Daniel Romero 2.01; 4.John Erickson 1.94; 5.Chuck Keilers 1.70; 6.Tom Sandford 1.57; 7.Colin Pedicini 1.36; 8.Eunsung Park 1.21; 9.Dan Kelly 1.17; 10. Ron Kemp 0.81.

Females: 1. Pam Erickson 1.75; 2.Cuihan Wang 1.52; 3. Anya Gonzales 1.44; 4. Lauren Bucklin 1.29; 5.Hanah Lee 1.21; 6.Georgia Pedicini 1.19; 7.Marjorie Keilers 1.19; 8.Marin Kelly 1.17; 9.Christie Kelly 1.17; 10.Inez Ross 1.06; 11. Mark Makela 0.84; 11.(tie)Troy Makela 0.84; 13.Jackie Beckham 0.71; 14.Chloe Keilers 0.56.

Submitted by Race director Aaron Goldman


The Run with a View. 27 Runners and walkers participated in Tuesday night's pace race on an old wagon road in the hills overlooking S-site.

Best predictors on the one mile course Anya Gonzales error adjusted for 3 miles 36 seconds Tom Sandford error adjusted for 3 miles 36 seconds Bob Westervelt error adjusted for 3 miles 42 seconds Fastest runner on 1 mile course Daniel Romero 7:33

Best predictors on the 3 mile course Michael Jablin error 43 seconds David Kratzer error 68 seconds Aaron Goldman error 73 seconds Michael Jablin's twin brother Jamie Jablin was the fastest runner with a time of 23:12

Next week's pace race will be Aaron Goldman's 15 minute and 1 hour runs on the track at Sullivan field.

Submitted by Roy Cope


It was a long night for the three milers and a frustrating one for the one milers at the Tuesday night Pace Race. The runs started and finished at the Aquatic Center with the 16 one milers having a choice between running on the sidewalk or going round trip on the Bench Trail while the three milers endured stretches of difficult climbs on loop trails in and out of various canyons. The sidewalk group had a problem because the Race Director, Aaron Goldman, who has 40 years of running experience demonstrated his fouler-upper tendencies by misinforming the entries about the turnaround. The other participants did not realize the difficulties in the trails; consequently times were slow and predictions were far off the mark.

Nancy Cope was top predictor in the one mile fiasco with an adjusted 27 seconds difference between her prediction and actual time to best Daniel Romero's 33 second effort. Daniel was the fastest sidewalk winner with a time of 6:58 while his brother Alexander opted for the Canyon Course and won in 11:21, which was 693 seconds off his prediction but still good enough to be best in that race.

In the three mile race, first time Pace runner Dee Cruz Murphy made an outstanding debut by besting 22 others for best prediction, missing by only 115 seconds while Tomasz Klimczuk came in second at 233�.The Jablin twins continued their dominance as fastest runners fginishing in 28:16.

Next Tuesday's run will be held at 6pm on the trails across the highway from S-Site about one half mile before the back gate (Jemez Springs-Bandelier turnoff). Call 672-1639 or 672-9243 for further information.

Here are the results from Tuesday's runs:


Name (f denotes female) Difference (sec) Actual Time (min)

  1. Nancy Cope(f) 27 27:51
  2. Daniel Romero 33 6:58
  3. Ben Rees 69 7:50
  4. Bob Westervelt 168 13:56
  5. Georgia Pedicini(f) 429 15:15
  6. Lauren Buckin(f) 534 13:13
  7. Colin Pedicini 585 13:27
  8. Alexander Romero 693 11:21
  9. Ruby Selvage(f) 733 19:11
  10. Jackie Peckham(f) 816 34:01
  11. Kim Selvage(f) 1128 19:29
  12. Ron Selvage 1196 19:13
  13. Ron Kemp 1176 24:32
  14. Anya Gonzales(f) 1203 19:41
  15. Eliza Fackler(f) 1248 18:56
  16. Marjorie Keilers(f) 1254 21:28


  1. Dee Cruz Murphy(f) 115 46:55
  2. Tomasz Klimczuk 233 34:02
  3. Ted Romero 328 29:12
  4. Jamie Jablin 331 28:16
  5. Michael Jablin 346 28:16
  6. Sarah Kratzer(f) 362 38:52
  7. Nathan Romero 375 30:35
  8. Dan Rees 453 34:03
  9. John Rees 461 34:11
  10. Nathan Pickle 491 35:51
  11. Tom Sandford 510 44:30
  12. A.J. Makela 604 50:04
  13. David Kratzer 652 38:52
  14. Roy Cope 688 51:28
  15. John Ullmann 873 45:03
  16. Cuihuan Wang(f) 883 48:16
  17. Margaret Ellis(f0 900 63;00
  18. Gil Butler 1015 50:28
  19. Ted Williams 1172 62:52
  20. Chuck Keilers 1236 50:36
  21. Inez Ross 2340 89:00
  22. Diane Vaughn(f) ----- 50:12
Submitted by A. Goldman


Skies were threatening, but the sun came out and made for a wonderful figure 8 Lollipop Race for the Tues evening Pace Race. Both races were in Bayo Canyon making a figure 8 scenic tour around the canyon to earn a lollipop.

On the 3 mile course, Tomasz Klimczuk was awesome with his prediction of only 2 secs off while Aaron Goldman was 14 secs off. James Jablin won the 3 mile with a time of 20:44 and Sarah Kratzer was the lst woman with a time of 30:02.

On the 1 mile course, Colin Pedicini came in lst with a time of 11:07 while Bob Weeks was 27 secs off as best predictor. Young Troy Makela, age 4, was our youngest runner to earn a lollipop and came in with "all smiles".

Next week, Pace Race meets at the Swimming Pool parking lot. More info 662-5959.

-- Jackie Marr


A total of 23 people braved treating weather to participate in the weekly pace race that started and finished in Pi�('Rocket') Park and went on the White Rock bike path. It was a staggered start run such that prefect predictors for each distance would all finish at the same time.

The slowest predictors started first, and the fastest (Daniel Romero for 1 miles and Ted Romero for 3 miles) started the last for the 1 and 3 mile courses, respectively.

On the 1-mile course, the best predictors were Jackie Marr (11 seconds off), Daniel Romero (18), and Duane Marr (19).

For the 3-mile course, the best predictions were John Erickson (35 seconds), Charles Keilier (36), Pam Erickson (37), Erin Powers (39), and Roy Cope (41).

From Race Director Robert Reedy

Complete Results (raw delta in seconds, or a * if more than 1 minute off for 1 mile or 3 minutes off for 3 miles):

1 mile:

  1. Jackie Marr (11)
  2. Daniel Romero (18)
  3. Duane Marr (19)
  4. Inez Ross (36)
  5. Jennifer Reglien (37)
  6. Bob Reedy (55)
  7. Susan Mendel (*)
  8. Aidan Cooley (*)

3 miles:

  1. John Erickson, (35)
  2. Charles Keilier (36)
  3. Pam Erickson (37)
  4. Erin Powers (39)
  5. Roy Cope (41)
  6. Ted Romero (85)
  7. Tomasz Klimczuk (87)
  8. Cuihuan Wang (88)
  9. Gil Butler (94)
  10. Ted Williams (109)
  11. Taran Cooley (120)
  12. James Cooley (121)
  13. Paul Bustamante (143)
  14. Rory Cooley (*)
  15. Aaron Goldman (*)


Warm weather and tall grass encouraged mosquitos to bug 28 runners and walkers at Tuesday's pace race (6/16), held near S-Site off West Jemez Road. The Gravel Pit Grunt had 1.3 and 3.0 mile courses on some pavement and much gravel with lots of grass and weeds, requiring close observation of the trail markings. The race conditions seemed to blunt the predictive skills of all participants.

The best predictions were made by seasoned participants Aaron Goldman, 53 second error, and Jackie Marr, 94 second error. The next best predictors were James Jablin, 111 second error, Ted Romero, 112 second error, and John Ullman, 126 second error.

Fastest males on the long course were Michael Jablin, 23:05, James Jablin, 23:06, Ted Romero, 23:14, and Rigo Chavez, 23.15. Fastest female was Erin Powers, 40:46.

Fastest males on the short course were Daniel Romero, 9:39, and Ben Rees, 12.:37; fastest females were Jackie Marr, 19:37, Anya Gonzalez, 19:47, and Lauren Bucklin, 20:29.


Paul Bustamante only 2 seconds off

A crowd of 36 participants showed up for the Bagel Run Pace race on Tuesday night (6/9). In the three mile run Paul Bustamante was only 2 seconds off his predicted time to narrowly win out over Erin Powers, Ted Romero, and Colin Pedicini who missed by only 5,7,and 9 seconds respectively. James Jablin was the fastest runner in 19:14 just edging his twin brother Michael by one second. Ted Romero came in third in 19:41. Pam Erickson took female honors with a time of 27:21 while Erin Powers took second (32:03) and Cuihuan Wang third (32:44).

Meanwhile in the one mile race, Alexander Romero was the fastest runner(5:48) and Lauren Bucklin was fastest female (10:11) and tied for best predictor (57")with Jackie Peckhan. Daniel Romero (5:59) and Nathan Romero (6:02)made it a complete sweep for the three brothers to take the top three finishers. But that wasn't enough for the three as they also were best predictors. Nathan won by missing by 30 seconds followed by Alexander (36") and Daniel (72"). Marin Kelly (10:36) and Christie Kelly (10:37) trailed Lauren for the runners-up finishing honors and Jennifer Reghen (111")came in third for best prediction.

Here is a list of finishers with F denoting female and the difference between predicted and actual time in seconds in parenthesis. Differences over 3 minutes are denoted by *.


  1. Alexander Romero 5:48 (36);
  2. Daniel Romero 5:59(72);
  3. Nathan Romero 6:02(30);
  4. Ben Rees 7:11(147);
  5. Tom Sandford 9:05(165);
  6. Lauren Bucklin 10:11(57);
  7. Marin Kelly 10:36 (267);
  8. F Christie Kelly 10:37 (213);
  9. Dan Kelly 10:38(216);
  10. Tarin Cosley 11:31(*);
  11. F Anya Gonzales 11:47(219);
  12. Bob Westervelt 11:56(213);
  13. Georgia Pedicini 12:55 (*);
  14. Troy Makela 14:45(*);
  15. Mike Makela 14:52(*);
  16. F Jennifer Reghen 16:45(111);
  17. Esperanza Munoz 16:47(*);
  18. Jackie Peckhan 19:41(57).


  • James Jablin 19:14(136);
  • Michael Jablin 19:15(105);
  • Ted Romero 19:41(7);
  • Dan Rees 21:38(*);
  • Sean Erickson 24:10(10);
  • John Erickson24:11(49);
  • John Rees 24:45(45);
  • Pam Erickson 27;21(81);
  • Paul Bustamante 31:58(2);
  • F Erin Powers 32:03(5);
  • Bob Reedy 32:36(36);
  • Cuihuan Wang 32:44(49);
  • Gil Butler 34:19(19);
  • Ted Williams 37:09 (201);
  • Colin Pedicini 37:34(9);
  • A.J. Makkela 39:43(*);
  • Diane Vaughan 39:48(108);
  • Bob Weeks 39:55(125).

    (*) indicates difference greater than 180 seconds.

    Submitted by A. Goldman


    Mikolaj Klimczuk - best predictor

    Eighteen runners and walkers participated in Tuesday night's pace race on a cloudy day with occasional light showers along powerline road south of White Rock.

    Best predictors on the 1 mile course:

    1. Mikolaj Klimczuk 2 seconds, adjusted for 3 miles 6 seconds
    2. Alexander Romero 5 seconds, adjusted for 3 miles 15 seconds
    3. Daniel Romero 18 seconds, adjusted for 3 miles 54 seconds

    Fastest runner Alexander Romero 6:12

    Best predictors on the 3 mile course:

    1. Nathan Romero 40 seconds
    2. Dan Rees 44 seconds
    3. John Rees 46 seconds

    Fastest runner Nathan Romero 23:10

    Unfortunately due to a timer malfunction six runners on the three mile course received no time.


    Another Perfect Pace Race

    20 runners ran between the rain squalls Tuesday (5/26) evening at the Big Rock Loop Pace Race. Most of the 3-milers found the course faster than their predictions, but Nathan Romero turned in a perfect prediction in his first race of the 2009 season, finishing in 21 minutes exactly. The next best predictions were Ted Romero (20s) and Chip Cooper (33s). Oddly, this exactly reverses their finishing order; Chip was the first 3-miler, at 19:27, while Ted came in at 20:15.

    Top runner on the 1-mile course was 12 year old A. J. Makela at 9:55, closely followed by Mark Makela at 9:59 and 7 year old Chris Cooper at 10:24. Top female finishers were Shana Cooper (10:26) and Lauren Bucklin (10:49) on the 1-mile course, and Pam Erickson (26:31) on the 3-mile course. Bucklin also had the best prediction on the 1-mile, a 19 second error (57s adjusted).


    Kratzer and Ullman Tie for Best Prediction

    Tuesday night (5/19) twenty eight runners and walkers accepted the challenge to make perfect time predictions for completing either the one or three mile courses held on the American Springs Road, off State Road 4. Taking advantage of the cloudy weather, several of these pace racers had very good predictions on the hilly, winding courses. Tied for best prediction was David Kratzer and John Ullman, both 2 seconds off their predictions. Another tie occurred for the next best prediction between Connor Schultz and Jennifer Reglien, each with a corrected error of 6 seconds. Close behind was Bob Reedy (8 second error) and Michael Jablin (9 second error).

    The fastest runners on the long course were brothers Michael and James Jablin, 20:51, and Laura McClellan, 24:43. On the short course, the fastest male was Connor Schultz, 10:02, and the fastest female was Jackie Marr, 15:09.



    This week's pace race (5/12) was held out on North Mesa and the Jablin twins recorded the fastest time on the 3 mile course. James at 19:45 and Michael one second behind at 19:46.Top women on the 3 mile were Cuihuan Wang at 32:04 and Diane Vaughan recording a 33:32. In the 1 mile run Eowyn Pedicini was first at 8:01; Anya Gonzales was next with a 11:29. For the men in the 1 mile Colin Pedicini recorded a 11:54 followed by Roy Cope at 12:18.

    Best time predictors were Georgia Pedicini and Inez Ross tying at 9 seconds off. David Kratzer has a 16 second error and John Ullman had a 18 second difference.


    Here are the results from the Tuesday night Pace Race (5/5) - The Run to the Reservoir in order of difference in predicted time versus actual time in seconds with the actual time in minutes in parenthesis:


    1. Daniel Romero- 12"(6:07)
    2. Bob Westervelt-18"(12:54)
    3. Alexander Romero- 27"(5:54)
    4. Mikalaj Klimczuk-45"(8:55)
    5. Bob Weeks-96"(14:02)
    6. Ted Romero-99"(6:16).

    These runners missed by more than 100":

    Fastest Runners:


    1. Alexander Romero
    2. Daniel Romero
    3. Ted Romero-6:16


    1. Anya Gonzalez
    2. Jennifer Reglien
    3. Jackie Peckham


    1. Mark Makela-14" (30:14)
    2. Roy Cope-36" (38:06)
    3. Tom Sandford-36" (33:09)
    4. Chuck Keiler-44" (39:16)
    5. Bob Reedy (30:15)
    6. Laura McClelland-73" (25:03)
    7. Michael Tierney- 74" (30:59)
    8. Tomasz Klimczuk-86" (27:43)
    9. Paul Bustamante-100+" (37:22)
    10. Erin Powers 100+" (37:16)
    11. Ted Williams -100+" (50:10).

    Fastest Runners


    1. Laura McClelland (Overall Winner)
    2. Erin Powers


    1. Tomasz Klimczuk�
    2. Mark Makela
    3. Bob Reedy Next


    Ted Williams - Perfect Predictor (4/28)

    24 runners and walkers took to the Canada del Buey trail in White Rock on a windy Tuesday afternoon.

    One mile results, best predictors:

    1. Kim Selvage adjusted error for 3 miles, 21 seconds
    2. Ron Selvage adjusted error for 3 miles, 51 seconds
    3. Duane Marr adjusted error for 3 miles, 72 seconds

    Fastest runner on 1 mile course Derek Selvage 10:49.

    Three mile results, best predictors

    1. Ted Williams Zero error, PERFECT PREDICTION
    2. David Kratzer 21 second error
    3. Cuihuan Wang 23 second error

    Fastest runner on three mile course Michael Jablin, 20:01.


    Klimczuk Best Pace Race Predictor (4/21)

    A warm, spring evening encouraged twenty nine walkers and runners to match their predictive skills against 1.3 and 3.2 mile pace race courses starting and finishing at the Los Alamos County ice rink in Los Alamos Canyon. Both courses climbed out of the canyon onto adjacent mesas before descending back to the ice rink. Running without watches, participants predicted their run/walk times on the known course lengths. Tomasz Klimczuk was only 23 seconds off his prediction on the long course. The next lowest prediction errors were Michael Jablin, 46 seconds, Joan Williams, 64 seconds, and Roy Cope, 69 seconds.

    The fastest male and female runners on the long course were Jablin (24:14), and Laura McClellan (29:36), while the fastest on the short course were Ted Romero (12:00) and Marjorie Keilers (19:53).



    The Atomic City Roadrunners held their second predict-your-own-time event of the season on Tuesday evening. Participants tried to predict how long it would take them to complete 1- and 3-mile courses on a dirt road in Lower Bayo Canyon. The walkers and runners enjoyed nice weather, and several had excellent prognostications. There were many young participants in this week�s event.

    A rare, perfect prediction came from Roy Cope who walked the 1-mile course with his dog. The next two best predictors were tied at an adjusted error of 3 seconds for Shana Cooper and Ashley Mamula, followed by Stan Kosiewicz, with an error of 24 seconds, and Ron Selvage at 27 seconds.

    The fastest male runner on the 3-mile course was Michael Jablin in 20:08. The fastest woman was Cuihuan Wang on the long course in 36:08. The fastest male and female on the 1-mile course were Mikolaj Klimczuk in 8:50, and Ruby Selvage in 11:24.



    Colin Pedicini was 1 second off his predicated time in the opening pace�race of the season held at the high school track.� Michael Tierney had a�4 second differential followed by Ted Romero at 8 seconds off.� Bob Weeks and Bob Reedy were both 11 seconds off.

    The fastest males on the 1.5 mile course on the track were Ted Romero with a time of 9:15 followed by David Kratzer at 11:40 and Tomasz Klimczuk recording a 12:18.� First among the women was Susie Murphy at 13:26, next was Pamela Erickson with a time of 13:52 and Cuihuan Wang coming in at 15:32.